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Helping Kids Manage Stress

September 28, 2019

Kids today live increasingly stressful and busy lives compared to previous generations.  There is pressure to do well in school, excel in extracurricular activities and community service, be elite athletes, have a strong network of...

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Life Skills

September 26, 2019

Ask any camper how their overnight summer camp experience was, and he or she will tell you all about the fun and exciting activities and events, the campfires and traditions, and their amazing friends and counselors.  You will hear all about the...

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Welcome Back!

September 12, 2019

Welcome back to another school year and the start of a very special countdown… the countdown to Iroquois Springs 20th summer.  We are on our way to twenty years of fun, adventure, challenges, spirit, friends, and memories. But before we get...

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Refueling at Camp

May 1, 2019

Camp is an active place where campers are constantly on the move learning new skills, challenging themselves physically, having a lot of fun and definitely working up an appetite.   Time on the lake, on the fields, and walking from activity to...

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Interpersonal Relationships & Communications

April 10, 2019

There is simply no place in the world like summer camp.  A typical day at camp involves endless moments of fun, activities, events, spirit, and most importantly face-to-face interaction and communication.  Campers sit together during...

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Letting Kids Fail

April 3, 2019

The value of an overnight summer camp experience has never been more important or significant than in our current culture.  Developing life skills of independence, leadership, problem solving, teamwork and communication gives kids the...

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Community Service

March 27, 2019

Kids who are given the gift of a summer camp experience develop greater independence, self-confidence, leadership and resilience, all important life skills.   By living, playing, and interacting with their camp family, kids are also...

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Importance of Exercise

February 21, 2019

Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel happier, boost your health and have a whole lot of fun.  For those of us who enjoy working out, or at least feel obligated to stay physically active, the exercise options are endless.  Working out...

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Valentine’s Day & Friendships

February 14, 2019

Chocolate and candy hearts are everywhere!!!  It’s Valentine’s Day and the perfect time to celebrate some of your most enduring relationships…your friends.  February 14th is traditionally a day to celebrate romantic relationships,...

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February 7, 2019

Teamwork is defined as the “cooperation between a group of people in order to achieve a common goal.”    Research indicates that teamwork promotes an environment that fosters unity, friendship, trust and loyalty. It also indicates that...

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